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He began his training at Trinity College, Cambridge University, and completed his cardiology training at some of the most renowned Teaching Hospitals in London, including St Georges, St Bartholomew's (now the "Barts Heart Hospital"), and the London Chest Hospital. He then completed the final 4 years of his training at Guys and St Thomas's Hospital where he was a senior registrar.  He was awarded a British Heart Foundation research fellowship during his time at St Thomas's that culminated in a PhD in Cardiovascular Medicine, awarded by the  University of London in 2010.

He specialises in the investigation and management of all aspects of Adult Heart Disease, but in particular the management of Angina (chest pains), Palpitations, High Blood Pressure (hypertension)  and Shortness of Breath.

His specialist skills include treating coronary artery disease with angioplasty (stent insertion), both in emergencies when a patient is having heart attack, but also in an elective setting. The vast majority of these procedures are done through the radial artery (in the wrist) as opposed to the femoral artery (in the groin). 

Dr Saha Strives to do the best for his patients; as a result he was instrumental in bringing the highly specialised Rotapro and Shockwave systems to Gloucestershire Hospitals, and was the first cardiologist in Gloucestershire to use these systems to treat the arteries of patients with heavily calcified heart arteries.

He has numerous publications, as has also written book chapters in the Oxford Handbook of Cardiology and the Oxford Textbook of Interventional Cardiology.

He has presented at cardiology conferences both nationally and internationally, and frequently provides teaching talks to local GP's in Gloucestershire, some of which can be found on this webpage.

Dr Saha's clinical expertise includes:

  • angina and coronary artery disease

  • the routine use of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), pressure wire, Rotapro (a diamond-tipped drill to treat the inside of heart arteries), and Shockwave (a specialised ultrasound-emitting balloon that breaks up the calcium in the walls of heart arteries), in order to achieve the best results from stent insertion

  • heart failure

  • heart valve disease

  • heart rhythm disorders

  • dizzy spells

  • palpitations

  • blackouts

He now lives in the Cotswolds with his wife and 3 children. As a family they enjoy travelling to Mallorca,  and immersing themselves in Spanish culture. He enjoys keeping fit, cooking, and playing tennis.



Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP)

British Medical Association (BMA)

British Cardiovascular Society (BCS)

British Cardiovascular Interventional Society (BCIS)

Medical Protection Society (MPS)


Dr Saha is recognised by all the major insurers including:








And others

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